Transfers from all your banks through waiz
The new way to transfer money is here!
waiz is the first application in Greece to bring the PSD2 Payment Initiation service, giving you new ways to make your bank transfers. For the first time, through one application, you can transfer money from any Greek bank you have connected to waiz to any Greek account!
With Strong Customer Authentication in accordance with PSD2
From one app you can transfer money from any Greek bank you have connected to waiz to all Greek banks.
Save time
Make a list of your most frequent contacts so that you have easy access to IBANs.
Search your History
See all the details from all your previous transfers
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Connect your banks
Transfer money
Transfer money
From your Greek waiz-connected accounts
To all Greek banks
Ability to send your transfer receipt via email
Bank Transfer History
See previous transfers gathered together in your Transfer History
Search for any transfer you want based on the date it was made, the recipient's name and the bank
Save the IBAN of your frequent transfers as your favorite contacts, to save time in your next transfers
Saved contacts
Save your contacts and save time from looking for the IBAN for your next transfers.
Transfer money to a saved contact with one swipe.
Edit the list of your saved contacts whenever you wish.
Security is our priority.
waiz is supervised by the Bank of Greece and follows all applicable regulation, uses secure ways to connect with banks (APIs) and user data is fully encrypted.
Learn more about waiz security
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Use waiz and its tools to better manage your finances!
Your transactions, automatically categorized
Your connected bank accounts & waiz Wallet for manual entry of transactions .
The personalized reports of your income & expenses, per month, category of transactions, merchants etc.
The tools that help you save, by setting a limit on your expenses
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